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Providing Canine Health Data so you can make an informed decision

Canine Health Data was designed for responsible breeders that care about their dog’s health and want to take their breeding program to the next level. All dogs posted on Canine Health Data must be registered with a recognized kennel club (AKC, CKC etc), micro chipped, and have all supporting documentation of health and genetic testing results published.

Canine Health Data’s easy to view at a glance format gives potential buyer pertinent information on each dogs kennel club, registered name, call name, microchip number(for verifying corresponding documentation), owner, who bred the dog, a minimum 3 generation pedigree, health and genetic test results so you can make an informed decision.      

User agrees to hold Canine Health Data or any successor or representative thereof harmless from any claim or liability or damage resulting from use of any information provided by this site for any purpose, personal or commercial.

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